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Hi, I’m Melisa. I’m a Cape Town girl, and a mom to four and half year old twin boys. I started in 2017 when I was trying to find trusted, screened childcare solutions for my own family, while also helping great nannies I knew, find work.

We created Nunanny Connect, our new platform, in response to the ever changing world of work and parents’ needs. Mostly we have a burning passion for helping the working women and men of South Africa, find decent work.

Nunanny CONNECT aims to help you match your family’s needs  to nannies, housekeepers, au-pairs, night nurses, teachers and drivers, in a way that is  more affordable than the traditional placement model.

We believe that by giving these great humans a digital presence/CV, that they are given the opportunity to partake in the digital marketplace, helping them find more work quicker. 

We are always looking at ways of improving, so please be in touch with us at anytime.

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Customer and Nanny Service
Customer and Nanny Service
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